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About RMH

Ray’s installed his first hardwood floor in 2004 after starting a home remodeling company with his brother. Ray didn’t enjoy installing that first floor. It was the hardest work he’d ever done. This changed when he applied the final finish and looked at the beautiful work he’d crafted with his own hands.

Ray’s passion for hardwood flooring quickly comes out in any conversation. Ray’s focus isn’t on installing any hardwood floor. He wants to change how you feel about your home. He’ll tell you that he wants to make you love your home. Ray believes in this
goal so strongly

Each project begins with a visit to your home. Ray examines the color and style of your furniture along, with the kitchen countertops, cabinets and the rest of the wood in the home, including the color of paint. Next, he checks to see if there is anything about your home you would like to change. Ray doesn’t look at the floors. Those will be changing. Ray takes all of this information and carefully selects three options designed to transform your home. He then works with you to pick the perfect option for you.

One of the reasons Ray loves hardwood floors is that they last forever. Hardwood Flooring Arvada CO You can go into a 100 year old home and refinish those floors. Ray selects each worker installing your floors carefully. He asks them how they install floors, how they staple and more. Ray’s standards are high and if his team’s work doesn’t meet his standards, he lets them go. Ray believes in the quality of RMH’s work so strongly that he guarantees the craftsmanship for the life of his company. If there is a problem due to errors in the installation or flaws in the material, he’ll fix the floor at no cost.

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